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    became the most popular kind of martial arts Worldwide. Because of the wide variety of styles, Wushu is beneficial to all age groups.

    The basis of the Wushu training is to improve the main physical qualities as: flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance and speed. It improves the vestibular system, leading to a better sense of balance.  Regular practice of Wushu recommended to all as an effective means of keeping fit and treating chronic diseases.

    In addition, Wushu – is not only a healthy way of life or martial arts, Wushu – is a universal combat. It trains not only the body but the spirit. It helps to develop a sense of responsibility, courage, discipline, and determination.

    On our website you can get acquainted with the history of Wushu, learn what’s new in the Wushu world, which activities and competitions are held, where and how to enroll in Wushu classes.